Are you providing MORE to get MORE?

More savings,
More cashbacks,
More loyal customers,
More business growth.

Providing your customers with satisfactory services does not solely retain customers. Broaden your strategy and create raving fans.

But how do you go about that?

Don’t assume you know what your customer’s wants and needs are. Assumptions are the termites of relationships. But here at Direct Rewards, with our smart technology and comprehensive solutions, we have great insight into each of your customers – we provide the MORE factor that your customers seek.

We conducted a survey on our LinkedIn Page to understand what rewards and incentive programmes consumers are looking for and the following themes were displayed:

A voucher can feel a lot like winning the lottery, why not reward your customer?
Businesses thrive through giving back and getting MORE. Vouchers are a great way to make your customer realise that they have the best deal in the market and the perfect upsell solution at the end of a service. MORE loyal customers provide MORE sales in return.

Satisfaction doesn’t cut it, coupons do.
The beginning of a loyal customer’s journey is dependent on whether your service compliments their budget. With coupons from their favourite brands, your existing customers will come back to your business.

Discounts, or cashback? I think so!
With our bespoke programme, our retail and food partners provide discounts you cannot deny and cashback that will keep your customers wanting MORE.

We don’t want to shock you further, but Direct Rewards provides a comprehensive service that will help your business attract new and retain current customers, where you can become their MORE.

Contact us today to get MORE.