Here’s a few tips – thank us later!

So you hired the ideal employee and now you need tips on how to retain them?

Money and rewards are great but what can be added to keep your staff motivated?

A recent study found that peer motivation and a happy and motivated employee that feels acknowledged is a tactic to keep employees for seasons to come. Here are a few tips that you can thank us for later:

Make your business a positive and creative environment to work in
Your staff spend more time at work than at home; make their lives easier by creating a space that is encouraging and that boosts productivity.

Make sure your employees feel valued
Employees tend to feel disregarded when they have more to offer but are not given the opportunity to prove it. Upskilling and nurturing employees help them see that they are not a faceless worker, but a valued individual within your workforce.

Ever heard of the saying “teamwork, makes the dream work?” It’s a proven fact.
A collaborative approach enables employees to problem-solve and produce better results. Teamwork encourages growth, reduces stress, establishes trust and ultimately leads up to the success of the company.

Meetings should be brief
Boardroom talk demotivates employees if kept for longer than 30 minutes. Routine creates fatigue, therefore, it is important to be more creative when allocating tasks to each individual.

Rewards and Recognition make room for growth
There’s nothing more rewarding than an employee who feels appreciated. How do you show appreciation? A simple thank you, act of kindness, or rewarding with coupons, vouchers, spot prizes and discounts from preferred restaurants or retail stores can make your employees feel valued.

These free of charge tips are guaranteed!

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